About Derech Gever (The Way of the Superior Man) association

Derech Gevar (The Way of the Superior Man) Association is a non profit community that promotes healthy and benevolent masculinity.  This is by cultivating self-acceptance, emotional balance and respectful communication for the benefit of improving relationships, fatherhood and personal and financial well-being.

Derech Gever in a registered non organization no' 580525780

In our events and meetings you can just be you as you are without apology, without judgment, without shame and without guilt. You can dare, be exposed, share and participate. Go through experiences and healing with your male brothers. Discover your strengths, and also your difficulties. Bring your unique gifts – in a loving, authentic and accepting environment and go out into life stronger, quieter and happier.

Derech Gever association organizes various activities throughout the year such as summer and winter Shiva festivals, meetings of fathers and children, social gatherings in small groups, and more. In addition, the association operates the men's listening line, a telephone listening line that is operated by volunteers six evenings a week and receives calls from men on any topic – relationships, fatherhood, emotional struggles, self-worth, depression, anxieties, financial challenges, and more.